Re-Invented: Laundry Room

I had the privilege of redesigning a laundry room. Most people would think… lame! But, I am here to tell you sometimes small spaces are the BEST spaces to redesign.

Especially when it comes to functionality. I love making spaces more functional and more enjoyable for the ones who use them daily.

Here are the before pictures:



Again, sorry for horrific pictures, but I just snap these real quick so I can remember the space when I leave.

Anyways I think you can get the picture. It’s a very narrow space with cabinetry that doesn’t make sense. This space is not maximized in the least, and it would be very difficult to keep it clean or organized.

I am certainly not energized nor motivated by this space.

Some of the good things in this space are: the window, the floors, and the existing plumbing for the sink.

Taking the good and the bad I submitted a few drawings to my client:



We went over the drawings together, made some notes, discussed finishes and materials, and then watched a master piece come together.


Final Laundry Room:

Photo by Tabby Z Photography (
Photo by Tabby Z Photography (
Photo by Tabby Z Photography (


What makes this space:

– A good contractor! We used Harris Remodeling. I used to work with Chad and his crew, and if you are in the Houston area I highly recommend them. They are trustworthy and always produce excellent quality work. For more information check out their website:

– Restoration Hardware’s “Atmosphere Blue” paint color ( I get it matched at Sherwin Williams to save money and to save an hour in the car)

– Anthropologie wall paper on the ceiling. In a small space with high ceilings this is an ideal way to bring in a pattern without it being overwhelming – for this momma in a house of all boys we needing some “girly” for her space!

– Butter cream subway tile

– Carrera marble counter tops and sink surround

– Unique small farm sink with a fabulous oil rubbed faucet mounted on the wall

– Chandelier – fancy feminine touch

–  Distressed cabinets we painted them to match the trim and did a cocoa glaze on them. To make them more functional we put a metal insert in the doors so you could see what is in the cabinets, as opposed to a solid wood insert.

*We kept the original floors. I love re-using what is in a space if possible. We were able to do this by making sure our new design covered the floor in the same spaces as the original design. maximizing budget is just as fulfilling to me as maximizing space.*

I could not have had more fun with this space. Think about your laundry room – how could you alter it do be more functional/ more motivating. Who cares about the amount of space you have it’s how you use the space (even if it’s in a closet… you can work with that). 

I also want to say a special thank you to my sweet friend Tabby! She is a fabulous photographer and thanks to her I can actually feature this project. My iPhone pictures were not cutting it! She will be featured on my blog often and I would love for you to check out her work.

Not only is she talented she is so FUN to work with!


  1. This is definitely magazine worthy👍. I love everything about this design

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  2. Songbird, you have blown me away! A totally different room and I LOVE it, simply beautiful and inviting! Great work!!!!

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