Re-invented: Master Shower

My client and her husband purchased an old home and decided to “love it”. Oh my goodness I am so thrilled they did and not someone else.

It’s an old spanish home and instead of making it some lame, vanilla renovation; they chose to embrace the Spanish vibe and finish the story.

I love this project, and getting to be a part of it from beginning to end is just dreamy.

Speaking of dreamy here is her Master shower re-invented:




The Bad:

Woah. Hello Austin Powers meets 70’s Spanish design.

I don’t think I need to even list out the bad here, but to sum it up lets just say NOT FUNCTIONAL.

It’s sad that it is such a tiny tub for such a large space.

The Good:

– Natural light is an option

– The arch – arches are a common occurrence throughout the house that keep the design harmonious.


Photo by
Photo by

Woah, for a different reason. What a statement shower. We searched high and low for the perfect tile. We did a few custom things with the travertine, but the main thing that I loved about this space was the way we re-invented the space, and the strong spanish vibe.

– We kept the arched entry (the glass doors were a nightmare, but clearly worth it)

– The tile shaped like an “arabesque” is perfect and matches several themes we used elsewhere

-The accent tile also ties in her wood tile floors (dreamy)

– The heavy black hardware also reinforces a spanish design

Long story short we had a lot of obstacles to over come – one major obstacle was working with the arch. We over came with an incredible crew.

Harris Remodeling is who did this remodel and they have an incredible tile crew. Click the link below for more information if you are looking for a contractor in Houston.

From a design perspective this was certainly a challenge, but I love challenges.

What’s a space that you have no hope for? I bet there is a solution! 

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