Design Style

I get asked all the time what my “style” is. It’s a legitimate question, but one that I legitimately do not have an answer to. I usually say something along the lines of…”well my house is eclectic and full of vintage things with clean lines.”

But it’s hardly fair. My house is what it is this time – next time (because we flip homes and move into them) it will be totally different. That’s just me. I am a chameleon that is confident and secure in the fact that I am a chameleon.

Design for me flows when I’m at rest, when I’m still. I’m at my best because my vision isn’t blurred by the hustle and bustle. This is why comparison is not only the thief of joy, but the thief of inspiration. If you compare and look around your mind is busy, and you simply cannot create. Creating a fantastic design comes from within, which is sometimes found at the back of a closet where no one can see you. Do you get what I’m saying because I’m speaking metaphorically here. Be true to who you are, be confident in who you were created to be and nothing can stop you. It’s okay to spend a season “in the closet” or not in the spot light or not everyone’s favorite designer (or musician, or baker, or fashionista…etc.) so that you can grow and develop your skill set. There is a bigger picture here than just you and where you are.. and you.. and you.. and before you know it, you cannot create anything other than spit out the internal turmoil that you have spinning inside you. I realize I am telling on myself here because I am obviously speaking from a place of experience, but I see it all the time amongst women who are creative. They compete, they fight, they cannot be genuinely for others because they are afraid that they will not be the best. Heart breaking.

Be who you are so that you can be for others – spur each other on. Don’t fight each other but push each other into excellence. I’m a chameleon, what are you? No two people are the same. No two designers will produce the same work. No one can bring to the table what you can. I want you to know I resolved in my heart a long time ago to be genuinely for others – their biggest cheer leader because I genuinely believe that if we all walk out in our fullness we will be unstoppable.

My clients are truly my inspiration and if you look at my portfolio (that will hopefully be making its way to this website soon) you will see just that. There is no consistency in my designs. I have done modern, stark, warm, traditional, shabby chic, vintage, farm style, southern charm, high-end victorian…etc. This is what I mean by “chameleon”. I do not necessarily have a “design style”. As a designer that is vulnerable and bold to say, but none the less it is truth.

I used to feel like that was a weakness, something to hide. But then I realized that is what I can offer, that is what I bring to the table. It’s nothing to hide but it is something to celebrate.

Here is one of my favorite original design pieces. I used an old light fixture flipped it upside down and used it as a planter for a wedding shoot. This wedding shoot later got featured on a major wedding blog. I love this shot, because it reminds me of the time I took a risk and I’m really glad I did.


What do you bring to the table? What are you good at, what’s different about you? Let that inspire you and push you in your creative process.

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