2015: Be Still

Happy 2015! We are well into 2015, and I am just now catching up. It’s crazy how time passes so quickly. I am 17 weeks pregnant, 2 houses in mid flip, massive living room remodel at 15% complete, and have some crazy unorganized closets in my home.

I am sure you all feel the same way. Overwhelmed with goals, new schedules, goals that aren’t happening, closets that are constantly haunting you…etc. This morning I decided to “slowly” start my day. Which means I spent extra time laying in my bed (yep), and spent a good chunk of time reflecting.

As I was reflecting I decided to just be honest with myself and admit…it’s not working. I have goals with no plans on how to achieve them, and I have tasks flying at me before I can even begin to conceive a plan. I feel stuck, clogged, and unable to produce. The words “be still” kept repeating in my mind. It seems like since the new year has hit and the goals took effect it has taken so much energy to move forward, as if I were pulling a cart with square wheels full of “busy”.

—————————————————————-> Que my “slow” start – I needed some kind of restart to 2015.

In 2015, I am going to “be still”. My schedule and cell phone (?!?!?!) will not dictate my peace of mind nor my life for that matter. Instead, I am going to remember Him. The one who set this whole world into creation, the master creator. I am trusting in Him, and I will be still, remembering that He is God. In that place I can keep my priorities in focus and my life in balance.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Pslam 46:10

Design is so closely connected to me, and how I am doing. If I am functioning from the right place, a peaceful state of mind, then of course what comes out of me will be more creative, and overall better than a cloudy mind full of stress. Seems like common sense, but it’s too easy to give into the demands/ norms of this world.

I look forward to sharing with you designs from 2015 that flow from a place of “being still”.


(Mongolia 2014)

The mountains are still there, it just depends on how you view them. All the tasks will remain on the table, but how will you handle them?

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