What’s Trendy Vs. What’s You


I know I seem to have something to say about this often, but I cannot express it enough. When I was in college one of the topics I found most fascinating was the “Top 10 Patterns of Home”. It’s a whole book on what makes a home. Moving so much growing up you would think that it would be hard for a place to feel like home, but the truth is every house felt like home. Every room was familiar and “safe”. My parents, whom would never say this about themselves, were consistent in creating “home”. They chose what they liked (which were always beautiful things), they chose practical pieces for our family, and they made a space that we could thrive in. It really impacts me every time I reflect back. What a challenge to move every 3 years (ish) and help your children feel at home each time. Whether they were being intentional or not – it is something that has forever shaped my career. I am passionate about making a home – not a trendy room fit for a magazine.

I am having a baby girl in June! We cannot wait to see her sweet face, but I found myself going round and round on her nursery. I just felt so pulled by “what’s trendy”. It’s a fine line. What’s good for today, but also being true to what’s “you”. Which I think can be hard enough to define, especially when you are in your mid twenties. You are still very much defining what’s “you”, and that is totally okay!

I’m excited to say that I landed somewhere, but it’s not where I think people “expect” me to land as a designer. But I am excited to be sharing her nursery with you soon. Maybe in the next couple of months…because I haven’t really started.

Home is not about the latest trends  – it’s about expressing yourself and your family in your space. 

Creams, petal pinks, and plums will be the color scheme and I am excited to do something that I think fits into our family. Not copy something I saw. Be creative today and create! Be “you”, create something that expresses you and your family.


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