Designing a Steam Room: His Way

If you enjoy a warmer, more traditional style then you may enjoy this bathroom. This is a previous post, but I wanted to share again because it accurately communicates the way I work with my clients. I have grown quite a bit in my design career, but one thing always remains the same – IT’S ALL ABOUT MY CLIENT!

Also this just isn’t a style I get to implement a lot so I wanted to post some variety!

Amity Rise

I love being a designer because I love people. People inspire me and people motivate me. Not my own ideas. I think in order to be a successful designer your portfolio should be extreme! From extremely traditional to stark and modern – that’s my goal anyways. I think every designer has their role (and they all look different – comparison is the thief of joy), but I can’t get past the first thing they taught me in school…LISTEN.

Listen to your client, hear what they are saying. Seems very simple, but you would be surprised how difficult this can be when a creative mind walks into a room of opportunity! The challenge, and the education comes into play when I have to listen and design a space for their home.

Here is a glimpse at my process:

1. LISTEN and collect all their ideas as best as possible (notes, pictures…

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