Cline Elementary Library

I am so so thankful and honored to have had the opportunity to help give Cline Elementary’s library a (much needed) face lift! I am not one to critic anyone else’s decor or design, but I think we can all agree it just needed some love!

I really enjoyed working with everyone at Cline. They were so kind, and very thoughtful about this library. I could really tell as a school they care about their kids and they are passionate that their kids are getting the best (no one told me to say that 🙂 ).

Here are some before pictures:

Sorry… worst pictures ever. But, you can get the idea – bright, electric green walls, dated book shelves, mis-matched woods, the classic rainbow carpet that just reads brown, and some FANTASTIC ceilings that just get lost and feel heavy. 

We have some good bones here- and some good starts. I love the color green for a learning space, however this green is electric and given in too high of a dose. But you will see that we re-used a similar green we just gave it a contained space – just enough. And those ceilings, I love those ceilings – they are warm and inviting. Really they are perfect for a library, however we needed to balance them out. We needed them to not feel heavy, but to feel warm.

After Pictures:


There was a lot of talk about this neutral wall color and if there would be enough color at the end of the job. By using the neutral on the walls we gave our selves a blank canvas, creating an easily updated library that we could pull in any color we wanted! We selected some great colors in our furniture, we tied in favorite book covers as wall art, we used metal letters that we painted for some depth and dimension, and we installed a new “Friendswood blue” carpet. We also kept that electric green – we just kept in the room where we needed it. Last, but not least I really enjoy the ceilings now that they don’t feel heavy, but they feel warm and they are certainly balanced well with all of the other decor and color in the space. Overall, such a fun job and think we accomplished our goal!

*Side note: I love the magnetic wall! The galvanized metal mixed with the wood ceilings is a win in my book!

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