This Bathroom

This season has been tough! There are lots of stories to share and maybe I will share them one day, but for now I want to share THIS BATHROOM!

THIS BATHROOM is a gift from heaven! I was trying to have a fun day with my family and my phone was blowing up with work and I was really starting to feel it, and then all the sudden I got the sweetest email from Amy full of pictures of their bathroom remodel!

I enjoyed working with the Hallmarks! Their place of frustration with their bathroom was the dysfunctional layout. It just didn’t do anything for them, and it seemed a total waste of space. We did several rounds of sketches to really maximize the space and get them all the items on their wish list, and here is the final product:



The Hallmarks have great taste, and they knew the look they were going for! They had made a few changes after we completed the design, but I wanted to share the drawings so you guys can see a little more what the process can look like:

I start off meeting with the client and hearing their problems with the current space and then, get their wish list for the new space. After that, I draw a 2D plan – once we land on the 2D plan I can pull it into 3D and select materials and finishes.

As I mentioned, the Hallmarks knew what they wanted and were so easy to work with! I love her bathroom – she says the remodel took forever – but I’m thinking it was worth it! I love THIS BATHROOM!!

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