Rustic + Farm + Chic

I started working with this client before Harvey hit. We had selected paint colors for her new ranch style home she had JUST moved into. Then Harvey hit. Oh so frustrating, but it threw her right into the middle of all the renovations (plus some) that she was going to make anyways. She was a champ and made 100 million decisions and the final product is just beautiful. I love it! Her style is farm + rustic + chic + family. She really considered her family and how they function and that is something I really loved about working with her.

Here is the final product:



She did these sliding red and chicken wire barn doors for her pantry. I think its such a creative way to show your style, and of course the perfect place for some fun color!


I love the look of “floating” wall cabinets, feels like a piece of furniture. I also love how these go all the way to the counter.


How cute is she!


The way the materials and finishes come together in this space put me over the moon! I love the dramatic, warm counter tops, the milky, smooth cabinets, and the striking wood beams. It’s a design element called “parts to whole”. It is my favorite to implement and the most overlooked (at least from my perspective). Most people just don’t realize how intentional each decision really is to the final product. Everything (every single thing) works together. I don’t always explain that to my clients but every decision I make impacts the next.


Take note of that rustic ship lap (or whichever name you prefer) going into her living room. Again its reinforcing, and implementing her farm + rustic + chic. I love the lines and texture as they die into her shaker style, milky white cabinets.

DSC_0150 2


For the backsplash we selected a shape, but kept the color at bay. That way it’s adding a texture to the space, but not busy on the eye. The over all effect is another layer of texture/ interest without taking over and being too strong. Everything communicates in a space and the challenge is that it would all come together and be harmonious.


She loved this counter top the first time she saw it, it was a must! It’s so perfect with her style too. It literally makes me want a latte every time I look at it. We mixed a leathered finish on the island with a polished on the exterior. I love layering textures like that, its the details that make a space.


These paint colors are perfect together.

DSC_0171 2

Every room needs a little something black.


This is her front bathroom, and I love how she chose such elegant, feminine finishes. It’s light, it’s marble, it’s classic, and it’s so detailed. One thing to note is the subway tile mixed with the mosaic pull together the farm + chic.

DSC_0181 2

DSC_0179 2

Her back bathroom – love this. I love her bold decision to reinforce her style. You can really see the rustic + farm + chic with that crackled glass mosaic. So cool, so unique – never done another bathroom like it.

I never want my clients to feel locked in by a “style”. Whether it be Farmhouse or Country French, or Victorian, I just hate it when they feel like they cannot incorporate other styles to create “their” style. If you have read any of my other posts then you know this about me and how I function as a designer. It just makes me so happy to get to walk away from a job like this knowing 100% this home represents my client and her family AND its beautifully done. Honored to have worked with you, your home is stunning! Now go get yourself a massage! All my Harvey clients (flood victims) understand :).

This project was completed by Melrose Custom Homes, and the home owner had a great experience.

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