This season has been tough! There are lots of stories to share and maybe I will share them one day, but for now I want to share THIS BATHROOM!

THIS BATHROOM is a gift from heaven! I was trying to have a fun day with my family and my phone was blowing up with work and I was really starting to feel it, and then all the sudden I got the sweetest email from Amy full of pictures of their bathroom remodel!

I enjoyed working with the Hallmarks! Their place of frustration with their bathroom was the dysfunctional layout. It just didn’t do anything for them, and it seemed a total waste of space. We did several rounds of sketches to really maximize the space and get them all the items on their wish list, and here is the final product:



The Hallmarks have great taste, and they knew the look they were going for! They had made a few changes after we completed the design, but I wanted to share the drawings so you guys can see a little more what the process can look like:

I start off meeting with the client and hearing their problems with the current space and then, get their wish list for the new space. After that, I draw a 2D plan – once we land on the 2D plan I can pull it into 3D and select materials and finishes.

As I mentioned, the Hallmarks knew what they wanted and were so easy to work with! I love her bathroom – she says the remodel took forever – but I’m thinking it was worth it! I love THIS BATHROOM!!

Clean Lines, Vintage Finds, & Coastal Colors

I loved the color scheme and old charm in this project. We renovated the entire down stairs and it was quite an undertaking. This home is tucked deep into the heart of Houston, and the home owners are just a sweet as they come.

These photos were taken when we were still getting things finalized and organized, but I wanted to share the STUNNING new cabinetry. This kitchen before, was closed off and very small. We went in tore down a wall and lined all the exterior walls with new shaker cabinets. We spent a long time designing and laying out this new functional kitchen.

The master bathroom is also a show stopper. The original master bath had a giant tub in the center of the room that they didn’t use and they really needed more storage. I love the final outcome. We added his and her closets, vanities, we are able to keep the location of the toilet, added a corner shower, and a stunning new tub.

I was so inspired by this client and the style she already had. She has a flare for vintage pieces and coastal colors – as you can see below. Everything came together beautifully and I was so excited to see those real hardwood floors. It’s rare to install those these days. Her floors turned out beautiful and were perfect for her style!


Designing a Steam Room: His Way

If you enjoy a warmer, more traditional style then you may enjoy this bathroom. This is a previous post, but I wanted to share again because it accurately communicates the way I work with my clients. I have grown quite a bit in my design career, but one thing always remains the same – IT’S ALL ABOUT MY CLIENT!

Also this just isn’t a style I get to implement a lot so I wanted to post some variety!

Amity Rise

I love being a designer because I love people. People inspire me and people motivate me. Not my own ideas. I think in order to be a successful designer your portfolio should be extreme! From extremely traditional to stark and modern – that’s my goal anyways. I think every designer has their role (and they all look different – comparison is the thief of joy), but I can’t get past the first thing they taught me in school…LISTEN.

Listen to your client, hear what they are saying. Seems very simple, but you would be surprised how difficult this can be when a creative mind walks into a room of opportunity! The challenge, and the education comes into play when I have to listen and design a space for their home.

Here is a glimpse at my process:

1. LISTEN and collect all their ideas as best as possible (notes, pictures…

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Presley’s Nursery

I had so much fun planning for Presley, and literally went round and round on what I wanted to do. I finally landed somewhere, somewhere simple and sweet. I love how her room turned out. It’s a bit vintage, eclectic, soft, with pops of color, and sweet as can be. I am sure it will continue to grow and change as she does!

A glimpse into Presley’s nursery:


My mom found this PERFECT bunny print at an antique shop.

DSC_0187 (1)

Fishing line + fake flowers + a stick from the back yard = favorite decor


These are drawers we demoed out of a flip house. I love the old antique hardware on them. I love its a piece of what we do as a family.


Vintage screen turned into display board. The key to this look is layers and texture.


Restoration Hardware bunny mobile…need I say more? Seriously everything in the store is perfect. So so sweet!


I went with the softest pink I could find for the walls. I did that intentionally because I knew I wanted to pull in a lot of other colors so I needed it to play as a neutral. I love the strong pops of color throughout her room.


Every mom knows this is just as practical as it is for looks – I think we go through at least five blankets a day!


I used pages from a children’s book to make a collage above her crib. I really like the vintage vibe and the color it brought into the room.

**Side note … I used a flat paint for the walls. Look how dreamy and creamy they are. I love them.**DSC_0167

My mom also found this book shelf for her – its unique and again I love the color it brings. I also love that it has a chalk board, cannot wait (actually I can totally wait) to see her little handwriting up there.


…..bunny lamp….. killing me. SO CUTE. This is another Restoration Hardware find.


Two very special things in her space are the dresser and the rocking chair. Both are family heirlooms and both are very special – so I am not going to refinish these pieces. I love how wood warms up a space – sometimes I miss wood grain (just saying).


I did paint this piece though, clearly. I love this pop of green, and did I mention I LOVE that bunny lamp!


The ribbon banner and the pennant were both made by two very talented friends of mine. The colors couldn’t have been more perfect for her space – I love them layered too!

This nursery was fun to create because I used things around the home that we already had. A lot of the items in her room are repurposed. This nursery is exactly what I hoped it would be, and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Hope you get inspired! 

Amity Rise: Spring Time Green

I love spring… and even though its been rainy and over cast lately I still can’t keep the green from popping out in my home and in my wardrobe.

I even put a spring wreath on my front door already. Just a little bit of green goes a long way. Because green is such a big part of nature and you can find it any time you look out side, I almost use it as a neutral in my house. It doesn’t matter what room, what the color scheme is I probably have something green. It just brings so much life, and its the “pop of color” that is needed to off set all the other fabulous neutrals in the space.

We had a GREAT home show last weekend and I am so thankful for all of the love and support! We did have a few spring items left after the show but not much so if you are wanting some great spring greenery for your home, now is the time! Free shipping site wide… no code needed!


Spring time green – wreaths


Green orbs

I’m excited for our new inventory coming soon as well! I love home and I love helping you make yours! 

Home Show: Drew Sage


Drew Sage is a company started by one of my dear friends who was a fellow interior design student with me at Baylor! I wanted to show some of her work. She does custom EVERYTHING pretty much! She is an artist, designer, entrepreneur, dreamer, and momma. I love it – such a beautiful combination. She will be coming in from Weatherford Texas to sell her custom pieces here.

Gretchen can see something beyond what most can. Here is a great example of some pieces she has done. These are two office chairs that someone probably thought were good for nothing… WRONG. Check out this awesome fabric and handiwork:

photo 1 photo 2

 Come see her work and find something unique that no one has for your home!

Time has flown by and I cannot believe the home show is next weekend! I am currently working on an elementary school library, designing four remodels, two flips (about to start at third), and loving every bit of it! Follow along to see some up coming work. So blessed to be in such a fruitful season especially before baby Lipscomb makes her debut!

Amity Rise + Christmas = Free Shipping !

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I personally have been playing Christmas music since early November, but I am so excited that December is here!

We have two Christmas items this year and I put a lot of thought into what they would be. I am always looking for the best deal and there are two items each year I have a hard time finding: gifts for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, party favors…etc. and the perfect (affordable) Christmas garland.

When it comes to the “small gifts” it’s hard to find the right price on something that people would actually want.

When it comes to Christmas garland I am looking for style, character, the right shade of green, the right price, and the right length for the mantel.

Well I am happy to say I feel like I found those items this year and I found them for you too! So enjoy! I just got them up in the store this morning and everything is free shipping for the month of December!

Merry Christmas! 

photo 2

Christmas Garland $15.00 – 64″ in length

photo 1

It will take any shape!

photo 3

Chalk Board Ornaments $3.50/ each

Amity Rise: The Ikat Chair

Completing our first pieces of furniture was so exciting. I love these chairs. They capture the concept of Amity Rise so well. They have a bit of a vintage mod shape, but the fabric is warm and homey brining the perfect pop of color and style into any room. I also love the versatility – they could go in a sitting room, office, living room, baby room…etc. Really any where!

We chose to do a dark, warm stain to off set the creams and warm tones in the fabric. My favorite detail is that the back of the chair features the inverse pattern of the front side.

Email me directly at if you are needing more information!

The Ikat Chair:

DSC_7046$325.00 per chair – they can be sold separately.


Amity Rise: Fleurs Pour Les Jours

Oh, this one is sweet! I love “Fleurs Pour Les Jours” because yes, indeed everyone needs “flowers for days”. This display is perfect for a table center piece, coffee table, side table, desk, dresser…etc. There is literally not a place in my house that I wouldn’t put this on display, and even better it’s for every season.

I have dried flowers in mine for a fall display. What would you do with yours?


The simple, natural elements of metal and glass make this display fit into every style. I selected this piece because I felt like it lined up perfectly with our mission. We want to bring character and style into the every day practical places. Every single day I use my kitchen, and I honestly get used to the way it looks. My kitchen is a very practical space for me because I cook at least two meals per day. This is my solution. I put my “Fleurs Pour Les Jours” in the window sill, and done. My very practical space – that I need to stay practical – just got a lot cuter.

Whether it’s a fall (dried or fake) flower display, or your fresh spring time clippings from the yard. “Fleurs Pour Les Jours” is perfect. 

Buy them ((HERE)).