Master Bath Overhaul: Rustic Friendswood

I first have to say just how precious Mrs. Goodman is and how I adored working with her. This bathroom was such a fun job for me from beginning to end because she knew the overall look she wanted, but really trusted my input and ideas.

She started out with a sweet, little dated bathroom that was original to the home, in the early 90’s I believe.

Here are the before pictures:

IMG_9984 IMG_9986 IMG_9987There were a few challenges with this space including a lack of it! So this began the process. The items she really needed were: storage space, aesthetically appealing, keep the tub, expand the shower, and do some plumbing repairs along the way.

Here are some quick sketches/ progress pictures along the way:

beverlygoodman bg.3

We met several times and made a few changes here and there to sketches, but overall we were on the same page. We decided to solve the storage solution by adding in a “tower cabinet” in between the two sinks. This does sacrifice some counter top space, but if you need the storage it’s a great solution.

Being able to see the sketches before starting job is a huge win for three reasons:

1. Everyone is clearly on the same page

2. Peace of mind that your final product is actually what you imagined it would be.

3. It’s a road map and it’s HOPE! Every client hits a wall about half way through and thinks it will never end. This is when I pull out the drawings and say look here’s where we are and look what the final product will be! It usually helps a lot. Without vision people perish!

We went to the tile stores and granite yards together and we found/ narrowed down our selections. Through a series of traumatic events we probably saw far more granite slabs then she ever imagined, but we found the perfect one. It is worth the work!

IMG_3810This is a progress picture I had taken. I loved her accent tile so much and wanted to tie her shower/tub area in with her sink area so we used this for her splash instead of the standard 4″ granite strip.

STORAGE SOLUTION: To easily access the hidden, long-lost items under your sink – install a drawer that you can pull out. Genius. I have done this a lot for kitchens, but just started using them in bathrooms.

The final product of several weeks, lots of head aches (literal and physical), hard work, decision-making, dust cleaning, and problem solving:


IMG_3881 IMG_3879 IMG_3878 IMG_3875 IMG_3873 IMG_3872

Of course I took a lot of not-so-good pictures, but hopefully you can get the idea. Remodeling is so fun! I love looking back at where we started – the entire job was a blast for me. It’s really not fair how much fun I have with my work.

Thank you Mrs. Goodman for such a fun job, and I hope that you are still loving your Friendswood rustic master bath overhaul! If you have any questions regarding any of the selections and would like to know what they are, feel free to email me directly at I am always happy to share!