A Classic French Gray Kitchen

THIS KITCHEN! It’s been a long time coming. I am so excited to share it. This kitchen was closed off, dated, but definitely well-loved. It was so exciting to open up the walls as much as possible and create a new space that could be just as loved!

I really enjoyed working with this sweet, sweet family! I got to design some built-in bunk beds (that I LOVED), a laundry room and a kitchen. I also got to see world’s cutest dance routine and answer a lot of questions about working with Fixer Upper. This kitchen will always be a special one for me.

Before pictures:

After Pictures:


(Love seeing little bits of Magnolia style in my clients’ homes ^^^^)

There are so many details in this kitchen that I love. We spent a long time on the plans and really poured a lot of attention into the details. Here are few of my favorite things about this kitchen:

  1. Stain/ paint combo – I love the warm stained paired with the Classic French gray. We also added character to the gray with a black rub on top of the paint. I love how beautiful these cabinets turned out.
  2. Those counter tops… they are stunning with those finishes.
  3. I love that the cabinets go to the ceiling – I love how grand that makes this kitchen come across.
  4. The brick accent on the island + the herringbone brick that we put in the entry as well.
  5. Okay okay.. I really just love everything in this kitchen :).

Coming up next is the laundry room!

Natural Master Bath

I was so inspired by April and her style. She is so talented and has done quite a few carpentry jobs her self. She told me one of her hobbies was wood working and showed me a few pieces she had made and from there it was so easy for me to be inspired by her and her home.

This master bath is full of natural materials and they all came together and layered so beautifully. The existing bathroom was a good layout and a great size space to work with but there were just a few things that needed some TLC. When I pulled the materials and finishes for this job I wanted to stay true to April, and her home. I started layering different types of natural stone and it just quickly came together. I couldn’t be more pleased with the smooth pebble, the travertine, and the marble accent all layered together. We stained the wood and painted the walls a peaceful, yet masterful color. The lines are clean and well-defined, leaving you with a peaceful, natural bathroom.

Before pictures:

After pictures:


That linen cabinet with the frosted glass is PERFECT. I love that thing!

So peaceful, so natural – just love it. Also please excuse my photography skills, they are a work in progress.

Happy 2017! I am loving catching up with completed jobs from 2016 and getting to share them with you guys. I have the best clients and I am so blessed. Thankful for each of you!


The Baker Kitchen

This is project I worked on a while back, like right after Presley was born and now she is 18 months! Ah! I’m so far behind, but it’s actually been so sweet and so rewarding to get to go back and see some beautiful finished projects, this being one of them! The Bakers bought this home and knew they were going to need to “love” it to really make it theirs. The first place to “love”, was the kitchen!

We tore down 2 walls to really open things up and added Lacey’s style to make it the perfect kitchen! I love this kitchen and I love Lacey’s style! A few things to note are her counter tops, cabinet colors, and the hardware. They really brought in her style, as well as made the space a highly functional, sophisticated space.

Here are the before pictures:

We removed the wall with the existing refrigerator on it which backed up to the living room and the wall that had the double oven wall unit.


Here are the after pictures:


Bye walls! Hello open, gorgeous kitchen!!


If you have any questions feel free to email me for paint colors etc. Those lower cabinets are PERFECT. Love that she was bold enough to go for the two-tone and to own that blue/ slate gray. It’s paired so beautifully with her hardware.

I am slowly but surely catching up over here! Got to shoot two other jobs this week as well. I am thankful for each of you and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Coming soon is a master bath full of natural materials – its stunning cannot wait to share!

Crisp & Clean Master Bath Reno

This project was one for the books that I got to see from beginning to end. When I first met with Teri she shared her vision with me and I had to the privilege to speak into and help bring her vision to life.

The pictures really speak for themselves.

Before pictures:


We added quite a bit of storage and were very thoughtful with every detail. We downsized and maximized where we needed and we ended up with beautiful, thoughtful storage solutions.

After pictures:


I couldn’t be happier about this outcome! I love that every corner was maximized even corners that were hidden by excess. One of my favorite things about this bathroom are the adjustable shelves with pull out drawers on top.

Living Room Reno: Spanish Revival

I love working with Dana because I love her style. She is so fun and easy to work with, and she consistently picks things that speak to her. That is what gives a beautiful, over all harmonious concept.

I have always been a fan of Spanish Revival style so seeing this home come together has been so fun for me as a designer.

Before pictures:

You can see that we had some good shapes and bones to pull from for inspiration. We wanted to keep the bones, but pull the home into this century. There were a lot of structural changes that also had to take place including lifting the entire living room  – the living room floor was lowered about a foot in true 70’s style. There was also a lot of head and heart ache in this job, but the out come was well worth it!

After Pictures:



From the new beautiful, over-sized travertine floors to the new French doors this project came together beautifully. One of my favorite features is the quartzite counter tops. They are stunning!

Dana has decorated the space perfectly in line with her Spanish Revival style. Remembering all the decisions and details is my favorite part after the job is over. As I look back through the space my eye catches each one of them and I am so satisfied. If you have done a remodel in your home then you know exactly what I am talking about!

Hope you’re inspired and enjoyed this Spanish Revival style. If you love this style and have questions on how we achieved this look, let me know!

Open Kitchen Concept

I love this warm, rustic, transitional kitchen. When I first met with these clients their kitchen was cramped and closed off from their living room. We looked at several design options and they landed on a completely open concept. Which really was the best choice.

I love the materials and finishes they landed on, and I love that it is an extension of them. They really considered their family and how they function when they were re-designing this kitchen.

Here are some before pictures:

It was very closed in, and tight on all sides. The island was small and overall the kitchen design just did not function well. So we removed the wall on the left and created an open concept kitchen. This allowed us to expand the island but maintain at least 3′ walking space on all sides. 


Open Concept Kitchen:


I love the clear view from the living room to the kitchen! The paint colors are perfect and the finishes really accomplish the final product they were hoping for. We also did a little face lift for their formal sitting room – I adore those vintage prints on the wall! They were her grandmothers prints, to me there is nothing better. I love re-using what you already have, but finding a new fit in a different way. These vintage candelabras are another great example of re-using something for a different purpose, I love the greenery added to these. So pretty!

Transitional elements to note:

  • shaker style cabinet doors
  • The gray glass tile that we ran all the wall around the windows
  • The contrasting hardware on the cabinets
  • The light fixtures selected
  • Paint colors

Presley’s Nursery

I had so much fun planning for Presley, and literally went round and round on what I wanted to do. I finally landed somewhere, somewhere simple and sweet. I love how her room turned out. It’s a bit vintage, eclectic, soft, with pops of color, and sweet as can be. I am sure it will continue to grow and change as she does!

A glimpse into Presley’s nursery:


My mom found this PERFECT bunny print at an antique shop.

DSC_0187 (1)

Fishing line + fake flowers + a stick from the back yard = favorite decor


These are drawers we demoed out of a flip house. I love the old antique hardware on them. I love its a piece of what we do as a family.


Vintage screen turned into display board. The key to this look is layers and texture.


Restoration Hardware bunny mobile…need I say more? Seriously everything in the store is perfect. So so sweet!


I went with the softest pink I could find for the walls. I did that intentionally because I knew I wanted to pull in a lot of other colors so I needed it to play as a neutral. I love the strong pops of color throughout her room.


Every mom knows this is just as practical as it is for looks – I think we go through at least five blankets a day!


I used pages from a children’s book to make a collage above her crib. I really like the vintage vibe and the color it brought into the room.

**Side note … I used a flat paint for the walls. Look how dreamy and creamy they are. I love them.**DSC_0167

My mom also found this book shelf for her – its unique and again I love the color it brings. I also love that it has a chalk board, cannot wait (actually I can totally wait) to see her little handwriting up there.


…..bunny lamp….. killing me. SO CUTE. This is another Restoration Hardware find.


Two very special things in her space are the dresser and the rocking chair. Both are family heirlooms and both are very special – so I am not going to refinish these pieces. I love how wood warms up a space – sometimes I miss wood grain (just saying).


I did paint this piece though, clearly. I love this pop of green, and did I mention I LOVE that bunny lamp!


The ribbon banner and the pennant were both made by two very talented friends of mine. The colors couldn’t have been more perfect for her space – I love them layered too!

This nursery was fun to create because I used things around the home that we already had. A lot of the items in her room are repurposed. This nursery is exactly what I hoped it would be, and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Hope you get inspired! 

Re-Invented: Laundry Room

Here is a little throw back to one of my all time favorite jobs!

Amity Rise

I had the privilege of redesigning a laundry room. Most people would think… lame! But, I am here to tell you sometimes small spaces are the BEST spaces to redesign.

Especially when it comes to functionality. I love making spaces more functional and more enjoyable for the ones who use them daily.

Here are the before pictures:

IMG_9310 Before

IMG_9311 Before

Again, sorry for horrific pictures, but I just snap these real quick so I can remember the space when I leave.

Anyways I think you can get the picture. It’s a very narrow space with cabinetry that doesn’t make sense. This space is not maximized in the least, and it would be very difficult to keep it clean or organized.

I am certainly not energized nor motivated by this space.

Some of the good things in this space are: the window, the floors, and the existing plumbing for the sink.


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Doing White Right

I have a lot of people asking me about whites. I personally love this white trend. Simplicity has always been my favorite. I do have a couple of pointers on doing white right.

  1. Picking the white right.

When selecting the white that you are going to put on your walls consider the base color. I think a common mistake that many people make is they just pick any color white. When shopping for the perfect white you have to be careful, because a lot of the colors may be named “white”, but they are not actually a true white. Many of the colors at the top of the chart look white, but the color in them comes through a bit more than anticipated 9 times out of 10. Get a sample first and place it in several places around the room, this will help you decide if the white is right for you.

2.  Pick a soft white.

Even if you are going for a stark, modern look, pick a softer white. White is already clean and modern as it is. If you are going to go all out and paint every surface white, keep it soft. An example of a soft white is “Alabaster white” by Sherwin Williams. This white is great for trim, walls, ceilings, and even floors. Yes, even floors. I’ve seen it done, and it is really fantastic, however not practical for everyday life. Imagine what you see on wood floors, imagine that on white floors…yep. Beautiful, but not practical.

3. Pick the right finish.

Lastly, although I love the matte finish, I do not recommend it for the white. I would get at least an egg-shell finish, so that if you do see the occasional hand print it can be wiped down easy enough. This past week I had the privilege of staying in a beautiful beach home that had beautiful white walls. Really it was amazing. Even after being there just a week I could see that we had left our mark. Nothing over the top just anything that touched the walls left a small mark.


White walls, white trim, white ceiling, white tile… so pretty!


Excellent light + a good white = heavenly


Love the contrast – it makes the white even more dramatic


Floor love

IMG_6814 IMG_6817

I love all the natural contrast that occurs with white as well. So enjoyed staying in this beautiful home “Three Little Birds” in Carillon Beach, Florida. I left feeling inspired and highly motivated to explore the possibilities of white!


Design Blog…Deshign Schmog

Let’s face it, this is just how I feel sometimes. Looking through blogs, watching TV, reading magazines…yes yes I know all these rooms are beautiful… and this house is beautiful, and perfect, and perfect… and blah blah blah (so not proper english there).

I’m just in one of those seasons where you realize the people in your home are FAR more important that the walls around you! With my little two-month-old-I-hate-naps baby it’s hard for me to get anything done. When I sit down to work on drawings she usually decides she wants her momma. It is hard sometimes, but when I pick her up and hear her sweet little noises there is nothing better, no other job I’d rather be fulfilling in that moment. I don’t live for design, it does not identify me, its something that I do and I enjoy.

So lets just leave the shoes by the door, the tiny hand prints on the mirrors and windows, and the dog hair where it is today. Enjoy your home not because of how perfect it is, but because whose in it! Can I get an amen?!?!?

Of course we all know this, and of course I still love design, and I love working with my clients. I am not saying forget about it. It is important and has its place, but I am saying it’s important to keep it all in perspective.


Photo by Cassie Nance

This is my baby! She was born June 17th and we named her Presley. Love her more that I thought possible and so beyond thankful for my sweet gift! First blog back, and I plan on getting back on it… for those that follow along!

I am excited that a lot of the projects I started before she was born (and I broke my ankle) are now coming to completion. I cannot wait to share the before’s and after’s with you!