Natural Master Bath

I was so inspired by April and her style. She is so talented and has done quite a few carpentry jobs her self. She told me one of her hobbies was wood working and showed me a few pieces she had made and from there it was so easy for me to be inspired by her and her home.

This master bath is full of natural materials and they all came together and layered so beautifully. The existing bathroom was a good layout and a great size space to work with but there were just a few things that needed some TLC. When I pulled the materials and finishes for this job I wanted to stay true to April, and her home. I started layering different types of natural stone and it just quickly came together. I couldn’t be more pleased with the smooth pebble, the travertine, and the marble accent all layered together. We stained the wood and painted the walls a peaceful, yet masterful color. The lines are clean and well-defined, leaving you with a peaceful, natural bathroom.

Before pictures:

After pictures:


That linen cabinet with the frosted glass is PERFECT. I love that thing!

So peaceful, so natural – just love it. Also please excuse my photography skills, they are a work in progress.

Happy 2017! I am loving catching up with completed jobs from 2016 and getting to share them with you guys. I have the best clients and I am so blessed. Thankful for each of you!


The Baker Kitchen

This is project I worked on a while back, like right after Presley was born and now she is 18 months! Ah! I’m so far behind, but it’s actually been so sweet and so rewarding to get to go back and see some beautiful finished projects, this being one of them! The Bakers bought this home and knew they were going to need to “love” it to really make it theirs. The first place to “love”, was the kitchen!

We tore down 2 walls to really open things up and added Lacey’s style to make it the perfect kitchen! I love this kitchen and I love Lacey’s style! A few things to note are her counter tops, cabinet colors, and the hardware. They really brought in her style, as well as made the space a highly functional, sophisticated space.

Here are the before pictures:

We removed the wall with the existing refrigerator on it which backed up to the living room and the wall that had the double oven wall unit.


Here are the after pictures:


Bye walls! Hello open, gorgeous kitchen!!


If you have any questions feel free to email me for paint colors etc. Those lower cabinets are PERFECT. Love that she was bold enough to go for the two-tone and to own that blue/ slate gray. It’s paired so beautifully with her hardware.

I am slowly but surely catching up over here! Got to shoot two other jobs this week as well. I am thankful for each of you and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Coming soon is a master bath full of natural materials – its stunning cannot wait to share!

Crisp & Clean Master Bath Reno

This project was one for the books that I got to see from beginning to end. When I first met with Teri she shared her vision with me and I had to the privilege to speak into and help bring her vision to life.

The pictures really speak for themselves.

Before pictures:


We added quite a bit of storage and were very thoughtful with every detail. We downsized and maximized where we needed and we ended up with beautiful, thoughtful storage solutions.

After pictures:


I couldn’t be happier about this outcome! I love that every corner was maximized even corners that were hidden by excess. One of my favorite things about this bathroom are the adjustable shelves with pull out drawers on top.

Presley’s Nursery

I had so much fun planning for Presley, and literally went round and round on what I wanted to do. I finally landed somewhere, somewhere simple and sweet. I love how her room turned out. It’s a bit vintage, eclectic, soft, with pops of color, and sweet as can be. I am sure it will continue to grow and change as she does!

A glimpse into Presley’s nursery:


My mom found this PERFECT bunny print at an antique shop.

DSC_0187 (1)

Fishing line + fake flowers + a stick from the back yard = favorite decor


These are drawers we demoed out of a flip house. I love the old antique hardware on them. I love its a piece of what we do as a family.


Vintage screen turned into display board. The key to this look is layers and texture.


Restoration Hardware bunny mobile…need I say more? Seriously everything in the store is perfect. So so sweet!


I went with the softest pink I could find for the walls. I did that intentionally because I knew I wanted to pull in a lot of other colors so I needed it to play as a neutral. I love the strong pops of color throughout her room.


Every mom knows this is just as practical as it is for looks – I think we go through at least five blankets a day!


I used pages from a children’s book to make a collage above her crib. I really like the vintage vibe and the color it brought into the room.

**Side note … I used a flat paint for the walls. Look how dreamy and creamy they are. I love them.**DSC_0167

My mom also found this book shelf for her – its unique and again I love the color it brings. I also love that it has a chalk board, cannot wait (actually I can totally wait) to see her little handwriting up there.


…..bunny lamp….. killing me. SO CUTE. This is another Restoration Hardware find.


Two very special things in her space are the dresser and the rocking chair. Both are family heirlooms and both are very special – so I am not going to refinish these pieces. I love how wood warms up a space – sometimes I miss wood grain (just saying).


I did paint this piece though, clearly. I love this pop of green, and did I mention I LOVE that bunny lamp!


The ribbon banner and the pennant were both made by two very talented friends of mine. The colors couldn’t have been more perfect for her space – I love them layered too!

This nursery was fun to create because I used things around the home that we already had. A lot of the items in her room are repurposed. This nursery is exactly what I hoped it would be, and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Hope you get inspired! 

Doing White Right

I have a lot of people asking me about whites. I personally love this white trend. Simplicity has always been my favorite. I do have a couple of pointers on doing white right.

  1. Picking the white right.

When selecting the white that you are going to put on your walls consider the base color. I think a common mistake that many people make is they just pick any color white. When shopping for the perfect white you have to be careful, because a lot of the colors may be named “white”, but they are not actually a true white. Many of the colors at the top of the chart look white, but the color in them comes through a bit more than anticipated 9 times out of 10. Get a sample first and place it in several places around the room, this will help you decide if the white is right for you.

2.  Pick a soft white.

Even if you are going for a stark, modern look, pick a softer white. White is already clean and modern as it is. If you are going to go all out and paint every surface white, keep it soft. An example of a soft white is “Alabaster white” by Sherwin Williams. This white is great for trim, walls, ceilings, and even floors. Yes, even floors. I’ve seen it done, and it is really fantastic, however not practical for everyday life. Imagine what you see on wood floors, imagine that on white floors…yep. Beautiful, but not practical.

3. Pick the right finish.

Lastly, although I love the matte finish, I do not recommend it for the white. I would get at least an egg-shell finish, so that if you do see the occasional hand print it can be wiped down easy enough. This past week I had the privilege of staying in a beautiful beach home that had beautiful white walls. Really it was amazing. Even after being there just a week I could see that we had left our mark. Nothing over the top just anything that touched the walls left a small mark.


White walls, white trim, white ceiling, white tile… so pretty!


Excellent light + a good white = heavenly


Love the contrast – it makes the white even more dramatic


Floor love

IMG_6814 IMG_6817

I love all the natural contrast that occurs with white as well. So enjoyed staying in this beautiful home “Three Little Birds” in Carillon Beach, Florida. I left feeling inspired and highly motivated to explore the possibilities of white!


The Not so Colorful Side

Eighteen years old and full of TLC (before HGTV was that popular) I entered Baylor University knowing exactly what I wanted to study; Interior Design. I loved Christy Proctor and TLC’s trading spaces. I loved color, I loved being a free spirit, I loved dreaming of what could be, and I loved transformation. I knew this was the place for me.

Well straight out the gate the first classes you take are drafting 1 and 2, followed by building systems and codes…followed by historical design (which I actually really enjoyed because I love history), but you get my point. There is NOTHING colorful about these classes, nothing whimsical, and certainly nothing seemed to be transforming. It was hard pushing through and I was starting to wonder what on earth I had gotten into.

It was a strenuous four years (most people don’t realize that about the degree), and I would definitely say there is NOTHING whimsical about studying interior design. But it was very fruitful. Something they tell you from day one is that you can either see space or not… you are born with it and they cannot teach you that ability. That was scary to hear. In fact our class dropped in number significantly because I think many people were hoping to be taught how to create and envision space.

You see studying interior design is not about giving you an ability it’s about taking that ability and adding a trade to it along with a lot of diligence and attention to detail. In school I didn’t learn to put colors together, I didn’t learn how to arrange furniture – I learned Auto CAD, sketch up, rendering, drafting, codes, the basics of construction, and how to communicate what was in my whimsical brain.

I would say school really drained me, but it also shaped me. It set a foundation of working hard and sometimes pushing against the whimsical in order to create stability and lasting design. Now that I have been out of school and working for almost six years I would say some of that whimsical creativity is returning and I truly feel I am coming into my own again. Being an entrepreneur and working with clients I have found the root of my inspiration, which is the client. People inspire me more than anything else. I have learned that I genuinely love people and care that the final product is what they wanted and dreamed of. That is what pushes me through the whimsical, through the diligence, and through the “not so colorful side” of design.

I wanted to share this because a lot of people ask me how I got where I am today. This is just part 1… soon to be followed by my real world experience which undoubtedly changed everything. But I wanted to start here. The truth is pursuing your goals is hard, and can be stretching. Quite honestly you may even lose little bits of personality, or a bit of whimsy to achieve them. In our culture today everyone wants to be great over night, but that is not reality. Reality is pushing through the hard work, pushing against whats natural to learn something new, and pressing in when you feel like giving up!

This is coming from a 7 month pregnant momma who just finished 2 flips and is starting another, in the midst of several remodels, has 7 interior design clients (2 commercial/ 5 residential), is up to her eye balls in CAD drawings and sketch up, is setting up for a wedding tomorrow (flowers and decor), dreams of a successful online store (Amity Rise), and has a heart that burns for people. This is a whirl wind and sometimes I feel upside down in it, but the truth is I am so thankful. I am so thankful for so many things – every client and their unique contribution to my portfolio is enough to keep me moving. My business is growing and once again just like my 18 yr. old self, I need to grow with it. I need to press into the “not so colorful side”.

Thanks for being a part of my story and reading along with the colorful side of design and the “not so colorful side of design” – both are important and the two worlds coming together is what makes the amazing outcomes our culture craves and loves.

 “Not so colorful sides of design”:


Learning construction in school. This was a group project and I remember thinking “there is NO WAY I am ever going to figure this out or need to know this”. Boy was I wrong, I had no idea what was before me.

floorplanThis is an example of drafting. All of this was done by hand. Now of course I can use auto CAD and layers to create these types of drawings. I cannot post any of my latest work because of privacy reasons… you know those are people’s homes and projects they may or may not want their floor plans floating around the internet.

Thank you to my parents, family, and friends that all supported me in this journey – REALLY could not have done it without you! 

Amity Rise: Moss Wreath

The best wreath ever. I have used this wreath in twenty different ways since I got it. I used them to decorate a stage, I used them to decorate for a wedding, saw it used as wedding gift attached to a chalk board, a door wreath, and interior decor. It’s a pretty shade of green and it is versatile for every season. I love the imperfect, organic shape as well.

When it comes to wreaths I want something that transitions well. I want a wreath for every season, not just one. I also want something with great texture, and color. Every room needs a little green, and the texture will help add interest and depth to any space.



Decorating in layers brings so much interest, depth, and texture. Beyond that its original to your home and your space. This is a simple layout, but you could easily add a ribbon, or a plate in the middle of each wreath to create more style or to decorate for the seasons. Love these wreaths!

DSC_8609This is an Amity Rise favorite with out a doubt! Go to the STORE and check it out! I wish I had pictures from the stage back drop and the wedding, but they were both this past week so no pictures yet.

All photography on this blog is by TabbyZPhotography. Check out more of her work!

Friendsgiving {thanks}: Setting the Table

Fall is easily the favorite season full of warm memories, and thankful hearts. I love it, that’s for sure.

It’s just too easy to complain, so I love that there is a holiday and really a season set aside for just the opposite, remembering what you’re thankful for. Being thankful is a powerful weapon. It can take you from feeling depressed and low to feeling like you can conquer the world. No matter how heavy the circumstance – there is always something you can be thankful for. 

With the full hearts comes the full homes. Fall is full of parties, friends, and family. You will undoubtedly be searching Pinterest for some good decoration ideas or tablescapes. Well per the norm, I don’t have an extra $100.00 to spend on the table decor. Here are a few of my solutions mixed in with some fall pieces you can get from AMITY RISE.

Friendsgiving {thanks}:



Using a wreath and a large plate you can create depth and interest. I also put some dried flowers into the wreath to add some fall colors.

DSC_6777Use your favorite cake stand that you already have. Or you can always buy this one –  it’s in the store!


The table runner is a simple, natural runner than I use over and over for multiple occasions – but it goes great with every season. This one is from Pottery Barn, but I think you can find them in several stores.


Take a large apple with some great color. Cut out a circular wedge from the top, pour some water into the apple,  using $4.00 flowers layer them into the space you cut out, set it on a bowl turned upside down, and done. Cute, fall and extremely affordable. One bunch of flowers got me the whole table. Surprisingly these lasted weeks! I like to use the bowls to give your table different heights.

DSC_6822 DSC_6785

Lastly, is this tray. This tray is also in the store right now. It’s the perfect amount of vintage. Loving this piece for fall displays. It added an opportunity for height and to set apart the drink (cranberry tea).

DSC_6919Even if you use simple, affordable components – if you layer them and create different heights you can’t go wrong. For fall I like to think texture, and layers more so than colors. It will give you a unique, but beautiful tablescape!

A special thank you to TabbyZPhotography once again for the beautiful pictures!! If you are interested in her work or need a photographer check out her website (TabbyZPhotography).

Design Style: Chameleon

I get asked all the time what my “style” is. It’s a legitimate question, but one that I legitimately do not have an answer to. I usually say something along the lines of…”well my house is eclectic and full of vintage things with clean lines.”

But it’s hardly fair. My house is what it is this time – next time (because we flip homes and move into them) it will be totally different. That’s just me. I am a chameleon that is confident and secure in the fact that I am a chameleon.

Design for me flows when I’m at rest, when I’m still. I’m at my best because my vision isn’t blurred by the hustle and bustle. This is why comparison is not only the thief of joy, but the thief of inspiration. If you compare and look around your mind is busy, and you simply cannot create. Creating a fantastic design comes from within, which is sometimes found at the back of a closet where no one can see you. Do you get what I’m saying because I’m speaking metaphorically here. Be true to who you are, be confident in who you were created to be and nothing can stop you. It’s okay to spend a season “in the closet” or not in the spot light or not everyone’s favorite designer (or musician, or baker, or fashionista…etc.) so that you can grow and develop your skill set. There is a bigger picture here than just you and where you are.. and you.. and you.. and before you know it, you cannot create anything other than spit out the internal turmoil that you have spinning inside you. I realize I am telling on myself here because I am obviously speaking from a place of experience, but I see it all the time amongst women who are creative. They compete, they fight, they cannot be genuinely for others because they are afraid that they will not be the best. Heart breaking.

Be who you are so that you can be for others – spur each other on. Don’t fight each other but push each other into excellence. I’m a chameleon, what are you? No two people are the same. No two designers will produce the same work. No one can bring to the table what you can. I want you to know I resolved in my heart a long time ago to be genuinely for others – their biggest cheer leader because I genuinely believe that if we all walk out in our fullness we will be unstoppable.

My clients are truly my inspiration and if you look at my portfolio (that will hopefully be making its way to this website soon) you will see just that. There is no consistency in my designs. I have done modern, stark, warm, traditional, shabby chic, vintage, farm style, southern charm, high-end victorian…etc. This is what I mean by “chameleon”. I do not necessarily have a “design style”. As a designer that is vulnerable and bold to say, but none the less it is truth.

I used to feel like that was a weakness, something to hide. But then I realized that is what I can offer, that is what I bring to the table. It’s nothing to hide but it is something to celebrate.

Here is one of my favorite original design pieces. I used an old light fixture flipped it upside down and used it as a planter for a wedding shoot. This wedding shoot later got featured on a major wedding blog. I love this shot, because it reminds me of the time I took a risk and I’m really glad I did.


What do you bring to the table? What are you good at, what’s different about you? Let that inspire you and push you in your creative process.

Inspiration: Mongolia

Mongolia the beautiful. Wow, I couldn’t believe my eyes when we traveled into the country side. It’s so lush, green everywhere you look. Rolling hills turned into crisp mountains which met a sky so close it seemed as if you could touch it. I am still not able to define beauty, but I would say this country would be somewhere in the definition.

There is another reason why I loved Mongolia and it was more than the way it looked – it still has wild horses. I knew there was something different about that place when I stepped off the plane. As I have written about in earlier posts there is just something about horses that does it for me. Well the fact that these horses are wild… okay I’m done. Beyond inspired. There is so much beauty in something that untamed and natural. I don’t know that I actually saw any of these horses, but I did get to ride while we were there and yes everything in me was alive.

All I can dream about since I’ve been home (besides cleaning routines) are those wild horses. There is an untapped beauty in something that has not yet conformed to ways of this world. I want to be that – I want my designs to reflect that. Who cares what your neighbor has, dream of something new, fresh, and untamed.

I’m so thankful for my new friends on the other side of the world, experiencing the hand of God, soaking up all kinds of new ideas, but most of all the lesson that conforming to this world is not beautiful – it’s been done too many times before.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip:









Photo by Tamanda Smith

Be inspired! What inspires you? What makes you dream – whatever it is keep it ever before you.