Natural Master Bath

I was so inspired by April and her style. She is so talented and has done quite a few carpentry jobs her self. She told me one of her hobbies was wood working and showed me a few pieces she had made and from there it was so easy for me to be inspired by her and her home.

This master bath is full of natural materials and they all came together and layered so beautifully. The existing bathroom was a good layout and a great size space to work with but there were just a few things that needed some TLC. When I pulled the materials and finishes for this job I wanted to stay true to April, and her home. I started layering different types of natural stone and it just quickly came together. I couldn’t be more pleased with the smooth pebble, the travertine, and the marble accent all layered together. We stained the wood and painted the walls a peaceful, yet masterful color. The lines are clean and well-defined, leaving you with a peaceful, natural bathroom.

Before pictures:

After pictures:


That linen cabinet with the frosted glass is PERFECT. I love that thing!

So peaceful, so natural – just love it. Also please excuse my photography skills, they are a work in progress.

Happy 2017! I am loving catching up with completed jobs from 2016 and getting to share them with you guys. I have the best clients and I am so blessed. Thankful for each of you!


Setting the Table

I had some friends coming over and instead of the normal grab a plate and put some food on it – I felt the need to set the table. Creativity is an outlet for me so whenever I tend to feel overwhelmed or just need to be refreshed, I get creative. Some would say that seems like more work- well it is, but it’s not at the same time.

I know I have tried to explain this to my self, but regardless the proof is in the pudding. I always feel better after I have been creating.

Setting the table:


Honey jar.
Plant a succulent in a glass cup, it’s adorable. You will be surprised how often you use it for displays.
Decor tip – hang some greenery from your light fixture. It makes things whimsical and interesting. Learned this from Joanna Gaines 🙂
This is part of my china collection from Arte Itallica – made from Italian lace. You can find it at Forte. Forte is located in Aledo, Tx.

I love the details of this table. It is the combination of the little things that give you the full effect.

I love the muted color palette with the pops of color (i.e. the lemon and the greenery). The best part about this is the fact that all of these things are from my house. I did not have to purchase anything. I had all these items so when random moments occur and you feel the itch to be creative – be resourceful. Make a beautiful display from items you already own.

That is called taking creativity to the next level. Anyone can look at a magazine and then go buy everything in the picture. But not just anyone can create from their imagination.

Bottom line do something refreshing, create something from what you already have to make your home more “yours”.