Natural Master Bath

I was so inspired by April and her style. She is so talented and has done quite a few carpentry jobs her self. She told me one of her hobbies was wood working and showed me a few pieces she had made and from there it was so easy for me to be inspired by her and her home.

This master bath is full of natural materials and they all came together and layered so beautifully. The existing bathroom was a good layout and a great size space to work with but there were just a few things that needed some TLC. When I pulled the materials and finishes for this job I wanted to stay true to April, and her home. I started layering different types of natural stone and it just quickly came together. I couldn’t be more pleased with the smooth pebble, the travertine, and the marble accent all layered together. We stained the wood and painted the walls a peaceful, yet masterful color. The lines are clean and well-defined, leaving you with a peaceful, natural bathroom.

Before pictures:

After pictures:


That linen cabinet with the frosted glass is PERFECT. I love that thing!

So peaceful, so natural – just love it. Also please excuse my photography skills, they are a work in progress.

Happy 2017! I am loving catching up with completed jobs from 2016 and getting to share them with you guys. I have the best clients and I am so blessed. Thankful for each of you!


Crisp & Clean Master Bath Reno

This project was one for the books that I got to see from beginning to end. When I first met with Teri she shared her vision with me and I had to the privilege to speak into and help bring her vision to life.

The pictures really speak for themselves.

Before pictures:


We added quite a bit of storage and were very thoughtful with every detail. We downsized and maximized where we needed and we ended up with beautiful, thoughtful storage solutions.

After pictures:


I couldn’t be happier about this outcome! I love that every corner was maximized even corners that were hidden by excess. One of my favorite things about this bathroom are the adjustable shelves with pull out drawers on top.

Flips: Landing Edge

As I have said before, each house has a story and I like to walk in and change the outcome of each story. Well with this house things were a little different. The house looked good from the outside: solid, brick, stable foundation, virtually new roof, and a nice yard.

Upon opening the door you realized the tragedy that had really taken place. Smashed in walls, angry words were written all over the walls with sharpie, evidence of neglect, and sheer darkness as every window was covered with sheet metal.

I realize it’s a house, but the only thoughts that flood my mind are… someone lived this way. I do not know the previous owners, the home had been vacant for quite some time ( I later learned through a series of EXTREMELY trying and unfortunate events), but I wanted to take this home and turn it around. Restore, revive, and recreate it for the next family.

In fact, I had so much “want to” for this house we jumped right in. I have no regrets, but I can tell you this house has literally taken me to my edge. Challenged me to the core, even on a theological level. CRAZY how my job, an item, just a house can carry so much weight in our lives. Through this process I have learned to persevere, to press in, and to finish. There are way too many sob stories/ unfortunate events to fit in this box so I will spare you, but know that I learned a great deal. In a culture and really a generation where we expect over night success and quick wins, I had to go back to scripture to find reality. Every one of my heroes from the Bible and even in history have walked a season of persevering to build something. To build a character that could actually support what their future held. I had to decide that I don’t just want to be an over night success story, but I wanted to build a strong foundation based on truth and not fast results. I wanted a lasting beauty for this house – a foundation that could hold what is to come.  I’m thankful for each home, each story, and I’m thankful to add this one to my list.

From day one this house has thrown us curve balls, unknown/ unforeseen damage, more costs than we anticipated, and a lot of tears (my tears… I’m pregnant so they come quickly these days). I’m elated to say we are done. This home is beautiful, clean, restored, and on the market. Even while crutching around nine months pregnant (it really should be an olympic sport!) I too have been restored but on an internal, deeper level.

So here’s to you Landing Edge… thanks for taking me to the edge of myself and teaching me to persevere. You were worth it!



This carpet was full of smells I hope I never smell again.

FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-4

This is the master bath. I am not sure/ never was sure about what was all over the walls. So hard to walk through early in my pregnancy – the smells were pretty unbearable.




Light, neutral paint colors, and brand new clean carpet – yes!


Here is the new and improved master bath! Large, open, clean, and spacious!

IMG_4631 IMG_4632 IMG_4633 IMG_4639 IMG_4642 IMG_4645 IMG_4649

Clean lines, clean finishes, and my favorite in this home are the wood-look tile floors. Feel free to ask me about any paint colors or finishes that you like! This home is here in Houston in Bay Colony Pointe – let us know if you are interested! We would love for you to call this home (3 bed/ 2 bath)!

Master Bath Overhaul: Rustic Friendswood

I first have to say just how precious Mrs. Goodman is and how I adored working with her. This bathroom was such a fun job for me from beginning to end because she knew the overall look she wanted, but really trusted my input and ideas.

She started out with a sweet, little dated bathroom that was original to the home, in the early 90’s I believe.

Here are the before pictures:

IMG_9984 IMG_9986 IMG_9987There were a few challenges with this space including a lack of it! So this began the process. The items she really needed were: storage space, aesthetically appealing, keep the tub, expand the shower, and do some plumbing repairs along the way.

Here are some quick sketches/ progress pictures along the way:

beverlygoodman bg.3

We met several times and made a few changes here and there to sketches, but overall we were on the same page. We decided to solve the storage solution by adding in a “tower cabinet” in between the two sinks. This does sacrifice some counter top space, but if you need the storage it’s a great solution.

Being able to see the sketches before starting job is a huge win for three reasons:

1. Everyone is clearly on the same page

2. Peace of mind that your final product is actually what you imagined it would be.

3. It’s a road map and it’s HOPE! Every client hits a wall about half way through and thinks it will never end. This is when I pull out the drawings and say look here’s where we are and look what the final product will be! It usually helps a lot. Without vision people perish!

We went to the tile stores and granite yards together and we found/ narrowed down our selections. Through a series of traumatic events we probably saw far more granite slabs then she ever imagined, but we found the perfect one. It is worth the work!

IMG_3810This is a progress picture I had taken. I loved her accent tile so much and wanted to tie her shower/tub area in with her sink area so we used this for her splash instead of the standard 4″ granite strip.

STORAGE SOLUTION: To easily access the hidden, long-lost items under your sink – install a drawer that you can pull out. Genius. I have done this a lot for kitchens, but just started using them in bathrooms.

The final product of several weeks, lots of head aches (literal and physical), hard work, decision-making, dust cleaning, and problem solving:


IMG_3881 IMG_3879 IMG_3878 IMG_3875 IMG_3873 IMG_3872

Of course I took a lot of not-so-good pictures, but hopefully you can get the idea. Remodeling is so fun! I love looking back at where we started – the entire job was a blast for me. It’s really not fair how much fun I have with my work.

Thank you Mrs. Goodman for such a fun job, and I hope that you are still loving your Friendswood rustic master bath overhaul! If you have any questions regarding any of the selections and would like to know what they are, feel free to email me directly at I am always happy to share!

Designing a Steam Room: His Way

I love being a designer because I love people. People inspire me and people motivate me. Not my own ideas. I think in order to be a successful designer your portfolio should be extreme! From extremely traditional to stark and modern – that’s my goal anyways. I think every designer has their role (and they all look different – comparison is the thief of joy), but I can’t get past the first thing they taught me in school…LISTEN.

Listen to your client, hear what they are saying. Seems very simple, but you would be surprised how difficult this can be when a creative mind walks into a room of opportunity! The challenge, and the education comes into play when I have to listen and design a space for their home.

Here is a glimpse at my process:

1. LISTEN and collect all their ideas as best as possible (notes, pictures, sketches..etc.)

2. Set their ideas aside and re-create the space as it is ( I use Auto CAD or sketch up).

3. Using the plan that you created, sketch out several options on how to make it most functional – or my obsession is maximizing the space (I cannot stand wasted corners). This step takes up most of my time, and after considering several options I will choose one that obviously stands out to me. You need to consider their requests, their patterns of life, and their needs for whats functional for their household.

4. Take the most functional option, then incorporate your client’s wishes. Most of the time your client usually is just thinking colors and materials. Rarely are they considering maximizing the space. I will show my clients computer rendered drawings of the materials and finishes that they mentioned to me. Of course at this point I will also make suggestions, but I always use my client as my inspiration when I make my selections.

5. After landing on a layout and design pull in your materials and finishes, and start the project.

6. This one is really important and most designers check out in this part… but walk with the clients through the remodel. Check on it often; re-assure them that it will all be okay. The dust will be cleaned up, the tile will be beautiful, and yes once you get the paint samples up you will have a better idea. This stage is brutal on all contractors, home owners, and designers. I personally think the designer, the one who can visualize the final product should be the one to get everyone through this phase.

7. Then step back and celebrate their home with them. Even if it isn’t your style, or they didn’t take all of your advice – if they love it, you win!

Here is a job that was a “win” – a steam room done his way:

 Rhin2 Rhin3 rhin4 rhin7

It always helps to have a great contractor too – I worked with Harris Remodeling Inc. to finish out this space. Click the link to contact them.

As always a special thank you to my sweet friend, Tabby for the beautiful pictures (TabbyZPhotography).

Re-invented: Master Shower

One of my favorite clients to work with of all time is Dana. She is one of those that knows what she wants, but isn’t sure how to articulate it. In a previous post I ranted about empowering your clients – listen and follow through with their requests (Click here to read all about it).

She is certainly one of those. Her and her husband purchased an old home and decided to “love it”. Oh my goodness I am so thrilled they did and not someone else.

It’s an old spanish home and instead of making it some lame, vanilla renovation; they chose to embrace the Spanish vibe and finish the story.

I love this project, and getting to be a part of it from beginning to end is just dreamy.

Speaking of dreamy here is her Master shower re-invented:




The Bad:

Woah. Hello Austin Powers meets 70’s Spanish design.

I don’t think I need to even list out the bad here, but to sum it up lets just say NOT FUNCTIONAL.

It’s sad that it is such a tiny tub for such a large space.

The Good:

– Natural light is an option

– The arch – arches are a common occurrence throughout the house that keep the design harmonious.


Photo by
Photo by

Woah, for a different reason. What a statement shower. We searched high and low for the perfect tile. We did a few custom things with the travertine, but the main thing that I loved about this space was the way we re-invented the space, and the strong spanish vibe.

– We kept the arched entry (the glass doors were a nightmare, but clearly worth it)

– The tile shaped like an “arabesque” is perfect and matches several themes we used elsewhere

-The accent tile also ties in her wood tile floors (dreamy)

– The heavy black hardware also reinforces a spanish design

Long story short we had a lot of obstacles to over come – one major obstacle was working with the arch. We over came with an incredible crew.

Harris Remodeling is who did this remodel and they have an incredible tile crew. Click the link below for more information if you are looking for a contractor in Houston.

From a design perspective this was certainly a challenge, but I love challenges.

What’s a space that you have no hope for? I bet there is a solution!